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ABC's new TV series "The Family" will provide some answers about Adam's identity. So far, the teenager has not been able to remember details about his past. Will Season 1 Episode 3 shed light on whether or not he really is a member of the Warren family?

In last week's episode, Daniel (Zach Gilford) and Adam (Liam James) spent time alone and the two spoke about Adam's childhood. The elder sibling's pointed questions elicited a vague or no response from the teenager who returned home after several years. Adam's loss of memory pertaining to any and every childhood incident intrigued Daniel, who began to wonder if it was indeed an impostor living in their midst.

Episode 2 also depicted Willa's knowledge about every family member's awful secret. She warned her dad, John (Rupert Graves), about his extra-marital affair with Detective Meyer (Margot Bingham), and said that she'd spill his secret if he didn't support his wife, Claire (Joan Allen), in her bid for governorship.

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When the upcoming episode airs, it will become apparent that Willa (Alison Pill) is, in many ways, the family's bastion of strength. In the promo (via TV Expert) for Episode 3, the entire Warren clan show support for the matriarch as she appears for a TV interview. 

In the video clip, Claire seems quite emotional when her family is being interviewed. In fact, Episode 3 is littered with scenes of Claire's vulnerability. This becomes evident when the police want Adam to revisit the place he was kidnapped. Although Claire defends her son, Adam states that he wants to go.

His presence at the crime scene will finally provide a clue about his identity and the kidnapping. In the promo, Daniel is convinced that Adam isn't who he pretends to be. Willa tries to end the conversation by saying: "Why can't you just be happy that he's back?" Does Willa know something? What could she be hiding from her family? These are some questions fans want answers to.

"The Family" Season 1 Episode 3 airs on Sunday, March 13, at 9 p.m. on ABC. You can live-stream the episode via ABC GO