In the upcoming episode titled "Take a Letter" of Fox's "Family Guy" Season 14, it seems that Lois will mistakenly come across a letter that is addressed to Peter's ex-girlfriend.

CLICK HERE to watch what is written in the letter and how Lois will react to it in the upcoming episode.

According to the synopsis of the episode: "Lois takes a job as a postal worker to pay for Stewie's private school, and discovers a letter Peter wrote to an old girlfriend, who tries to come between them."

Though Peter is not aware of his ex-girlfriend's intentions, he knows that Lois will be angry if she ever finds about the letter. Hence, he mentions it in the letter to keep the conversation classified.

However, when Lois finds about it, she gets really angry and confronts Peter. Even after Peter tries to convince him that nothing is between him and his old girlfriend, Lois refuses to listen and decides to leave him.

Whether the confusion between Peter and Lois will be cleared in the upcoming episode or not, will seen only once the episode airs.

In the previous episode titled "The Heartbreak Dog," Brian started to have a relationship with Joe's wife, Bonnie and the two eloped. Brian convinced her that Joe was the worst husband a woman could ever get and he never cared about her.

However, soon Joe found about their whereabouts and apologised to Bonnie for not treating her properly. When Bonnie accepted his apology, Brian smugly claimed that he was just playing Cupid to reignite the love between them.

Elsewhere, Meg got a job at a retirement community and began stealing from the residents, and when Chris got wind of her misdeeds, he told her to share the loot. However, soon both of them finally got caught and the punishment was beyond any of their imagination.