If you thought Karma (Katie Stevens) and Amy's (Rita Volk) fight in "Faking It" Season 3 was out of proportion, wait until "Karmygeddon" airs Tuesday, March 29. In the upcoming episode, the fans will see Amy landing low blow on her former BFF by releasing an unflattering video of Karma.

The best friends have declared war and the usually chill Amy is not letting Karma have it easy. In the promo, Shane (Michael Willett) and Liam (Gregg Sulkin), along with the rest of Hester High, see a viral video that has the whole school laughing at the wannabe popular Karma.

Their fight, as fans know, will be only temporary and Amy obviously still loves Karma. However, before she gets a chance to repent and apologise, Amy's stepsister Lauren (Bailey De Young) reminds her that Karma had it coming.

As expected, Karma is furious and tells her former best friend, "What the hell, Amy? You want a villain, you're going to get one." Karma is not one who gives up without a fight and based on her conversation with Shane in the promo, she is hatching an evil plan to get back at Amy.

There is just one tiny issue and that is her current boyfriend Dylan aka Shark Bait (Jordan Rodrigues). He had been dating Karma because he thought she was a "chill and drama-free" like him. Little does he know how much Karma loves drama or at least how much drama follows Karma around.

Watch Season 3 episode 3 of "Faking It" at 10:30 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 29, 2016. You can also live-stream "Karmygeddon" via MTV Live.