The camaraderie between EXO's band members is one of the most endearing aspect of the band, one that fans look forward to. When the rest of the nine band members are not trolling on EXO leader Suho, they target each other. The most recent victim of this was Chanyeol, who celebrated his 23rd birthday on Thursday, 26 November.

EXO member Sehun recently uploaded a photo on his Instagram account. The picture was a screen shot of his conversation with Chanyeol on his birthday. Sehun's text message read, "Happy birthday, Chanyeol. Naturally, I'm first [to wish you happy birthday]." The singer then went on to bombard Chan's inbox with several one liners: "I'm always grateful to you", "I hope you understand that I'm being serious" and "I will pray that your day goes well."

While Sehun spent much of his energy and creativity on his text messages, the birthday boy didn't reply with the same enthusiasm. His tepid response read, "What is this... Thanks, Sehun," reported Soompi.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol's 23rd birthday trended worldwide on Twitter, according to some reports. EXO-Ls celebrated the "Long song" singer's birthday by using the hastag "#HappyChanyeolDay."

SM Entertainment's nine member Chinese Korean band is scheduled to release their winter album, "Sing For You" on 10 December.