The series, which taught us that history can be fun, is returning to Comedy Central on Tuesday, 1 September, with season 3.

Starting with inebriated accounts of The Bone Wars, The Balloon Corps and The Big Bang, "Drunk History" will take us through history with the help of seasoned comedians like Christopher Meloni, Tony Hale, Greg Kinnear, Stephen Merchant, Jenny Slate, Justin Long, Will Ferrell, Jack Black and many others.

Director and first host of "Drunk History" season 3, Derek Waters, will first take us on a historical journey to New Jersey, after which Mark Proksch will narrate the rivalry of fossil-hunters Othniel Marsh (Christopher Meloni) and Edward Cope (Tony Hale). Thaddue Lose (Gre Kinnear) will appear with President Abraham Lincoln (Stephen Merchant), as Tess Lynch drunkenly recounts the former's contributions to America's first air force.

Season 3 episode 1 of "Drunk History" will also feature Jenny Slate and her dog. While the latter enjoys calming pats from his human, Jenny will explain how scientists Arno Penzians (Justin Long) and Robert Wilson (Jason Ritter) used an abandoned antenna to hear the sounds from outer space.

The narrators for "Drunk History" season 3 include Paget Brewster, Cameron Esposito, Fortune Feimster, Rich Fulcher, Mark Gagliardi, Matt Gourley, Dan Harmon, Kyle Kinane, Jen Kirkman, Lauren Lapkus, Paul F Tompkins, Duncan Trussell, David Wain, Brendon Walsh and co-creator of the show Jeremy Konner. Comedy Central has promised that together, they will uncover the truth behind many historic events, from the invention of motion pictures to the rise and fall of the Cocaine Godmother.

Watch out for season 3 premiere of "Drunk History" at 10:30pm (EST) on Tuesday. You can also live stream episode 1 via Comedy Central Live.


A Sound in SpaceWhat the hunk is this sound between the stars, babe? Jenny Slate gets spacey on the season premiere, Tuesday at 10:30pm/9:30c.

Posted by Drunk History on Monday, 31 August 2015