Drinking Solo
Is Drinking Solo unworthy of another instalment?Facebook/Drinking Solo

Drinking Solo, the popular South Korean romantic comedy also known as Let's Drink, will be back on tvN with the seventh episode on Sunday, 26 September, 11pm KST.

Apart from focusing on the relationship between professional lecturer Jin Jung-suk and his colleague Park Ha-na, the sequel will also take viewers through the lives of Hwang Jin-yi, Min Jin-woong, Jin Gong-myung and Kim Dong-young.

Click Here to watch Let's Drink on 26 September, 11pm KST on tvN. Episode 7 of the Korean mini-series can also be available online here.

Meanwhile, the followers of Drinking Solo could also get to watch actress Ha Yeon-soo as Joo Yeon-yi, the ninth grade civil service student of Noryangjin Institute.

The trailer of episode 7, released by tvN, features the actress with co-star Kim Dong-young.

The promo of Drinking Solo also hints at tensed moments between Jung-suk and Gong-myung. In the clip, the lecturer can be seen telling his student that he hates those people who do not give their best and he replies, "I'm not the same Gong-myung you used to boss around."

So it remains to be seen how the professional lecturer reacts to his student's response and if he will ever find out about Gong-myung's secret crush on his colleague Ha-na.

The seventh episode of Drinking Solo will also feature Shinee member Key as Kim Ki-bum, Kim Won-hae as the director of Noryangjin Institute, Hwang Woo-seul-hye as Hwang Jin-yi, Min Jin-woong as a lecturer and Jung Chae-yeon as a student.