Watch Dogs, Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming open-world game, received a new footage that explains the multiplayer features in the game. The video is narrated by animation director Colin Graham.

Graham explains that online features and single player features have been "blended seamlessly" in Watch Dogs. Connection with other players can be via online hacking, a mobile companion app, ctOS Mobile and competitive decryption combat. With the exploration of the gaming world, players will be able to accept various contracts, and thus get into the game with others.

One of the details that was revealed was that each player will look like Aiden Pearce in their game. Players will be able to get some notoriety points after partially or fully succeeding in their hacking, or even escaping from other players after they realised they have been hacked.

In the ctOS Mobile app, when players accept game challenges from others, where you enter a race with another player having everything at his disposal, he can hack into everything to throw up obstacles on your path. However, players will also be able to anticipate the hacks and have to reach the checkpoints on time. Players will have to dodge all hacks thrown at them.

In competitive decryption combat, a player will be teaming up with friends to steal a particular object (like a file) and there will also be other teams that will be competing. Players will have to hack their way, flanking other teams. Once one team gets the file, make sure that you can lay a trap for the other teams that might come.

Teams can also make a quick exit from the place with vehicles, however, they will be followed. Players can employ a different strategy, break away on different cars but keep close so not to interrupt the encryption process. Once you manage to complete the encryption, you win.

A few screens were also reportedly showing characters and details of the in-game environment, Gamepur reported. The screens show day and night time shots of the fictional Chicago city, water effects and other aspects of the game.

Watch Dogs is scheduled for release on 27 May for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Wii U version will be released later.

(YouTube Courtesy: Watch Dogs) Ed: VP