Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs was released on 27

Ubisoft Montreal's action-adventure video game, which sees its protagonist usually hacking to help him in his objective was being modded by modders who replaced Aiden with a naked woman. She takes his place and there are two of them supposedly.

YouTube user, SoloCreep posted a video showing one of the actual gameplay being replaced with protagonist Donna "Poppy" Dean. As explained in the about page of the video, Dean is a character who makes her appearance in the main storyline and she meets Aiden.

Explaining the process, the modder says that "I unpacked some files and used a hex editor to make the change." He also hinted that there are other "full nude" characters that can be used in the game.

These details on the characters of these "naked women" are noteworthy, reported DSO Gaming. However, the mod is yet to be released by SoloCreep.

SoloCreep has posted another video that show Jordi replacing Aiden. Check out the images here and here.

(YouTube Courtesy: SoloCreep)

(YouTube Courtesy: SoloCreep)

Mid June many players uncovered a secret new setting in the PC version of the Watch Dogs video game that restored the graphical fidelity that was previously seen when the game was launched at the E3 2012.

Ubisoft responded to fans who asked them if Watch Dogs graphics was downgraded in PC. "I recall replying saying that the game was not downgraded, i still stick to that yes," said Tessa Vilyn of Ubisoft via Twitter. She reiterated that the graphics of the game are still unmodified as they were during the presentation two years back.

Below are the changes that were included in the mod (GamerHeadlines):

  • Changes to the default fog value
  • Enabled bokeh DOF for the main cameras
  • Stuttering improvements
  • E3 2012 bloom
  • Performance improvements
  • Enabled headlight shadows
  • LoD changes
  • Reflection changes
  • Addition of 3 new cameras (closer, normal, farther)
  • Rain changes (high quality rain drops, proper reaction to light, density, etc.)
  • Lensflares (work in progress)
  • Lighting changes (testing and work in progress)
  • Civilians density changes

The above mod can be downloaded here.

Watch Dogs has received mixed response from reviewers, with some saying it has less game and is more of a sandbox, some even say that it lacks originality.

The game was released on 27 May for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.