Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs will release on 27

Ubisoft, the developer of upcoming action-adventure title Watch Dogs, has warned players and fans against believing in fake early reviews that might be made available before the release of the game on 27 May, 2014.

"Hackers have attempted to infiltrate our system and post false reviews of Watch Dogs. All valid reviews will emerge at release on May 27," said a tweet from Ubisoft, after WCCF Tech released an early review that gave the game a rating of 7.2/10 on 17 May.

However, the website said that the review was posted after it received a retail copy. And Attack of the Fanboy points out that it is well within the rights to post a review to the game. The review made comparisons between Watch Dogs and GTA 5, GTA Online's visuals.

It has been defended that there was no chance of the website getting the retail copy because, the game has not yet made it to the store shelves and it was only on 14 May that the game went gold. But this defense has been refuted by others and Reddit users made a specific thread addressing the issue where they also posted pictures of the game reaching stores in Brazil.

Though many have questioned the tweet from Ubisoft that claimed this review was fake, some have commented that this could be a cover up from the company since it was warning people
about the game beforehand, reported Cinema Blend.

Additionally, there is a concern that though the AI, dynamic environment and other things in the game is good, the graphics in next-generation versions like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may be lower than what was showcased in E3 2012 for the PC version of the game.

Watch Dogs launches for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on 27 May. It will also be releasing for Wii U at a later date.

Real-Life Video that Mimics Street Hacking

Ubisoft has released a video that shows the impact a hack phone, similar to the one that is used by Aiden Pearce in the game, can have in the real world.

The video shows the mobile app, which was installed and will allow users to hack traffic lights, get money from ATMs, hack cars and more.

(YouTube Courtesy: Ubisoft)