"Watch Dogs 2" is the latest video game that Ubisoft unveiled on June 8 and it was revealed that the game would have a new hacker known as Marcus Halloway. Ubisoft seems to have listened to players of "Watch Dogs" who wanted a new character for the new game.

Halloway has been accused of committing a crime that he has not and he has to prove his innocence.

The game as seen from the video footage with the images of the Golden Gate Bridge, takes place in San Francisco. The backdrop being that the city adopted the ctOS 2.0 technology that has been a contentious issue among its residents.

Halloway is hell bent on not only clearing his name but also killing the ctOS 2.0 technology in the game.

"Watch Dogs 2" will let what players do what they did in "Watch Dogs" -- hack. It tries to explore more about the hacker culture and what we do with the information we have after we hack.

The game, according to Jonathan Morin, the creative director of "Watch Dogs 2" allows players to control the city, he said in a video. The game will include several new options and combine the objects.

It was also noted that the new game has made improvements to driving, now each vehicle will feel different and players will not be hitting walls. Players will be able to hack into other vehicles even as they are driving. They will also be able to deploy their drones and they can shoot while in vehicle.

Halloway's character is such that he cannot work alone, he has a hacker group called DedSec, who help him. He is young and more athletic than the previous protagonist, Aiden Pearce. The game features a free flowing parkour.

The game boasts of a lot of real world locations since the developers are based out of San Francisco bay area. The game features a lot of construction cranes that players would be able to hack and use it remotely.

It was revealed that players are able to fast travel to any of the locations and any of the shops in the game.

The game is expected to let players take down their enemies in various levels, one new non-lethal weapon is Thunderball. Players are able to recreate their drones on the go.

The game will let players play stealth, ghost or full guns blazing in the game. One of the new things that have been added is network hacking, which gives players a view of the things that are available for hacking.

"Watch Dogs 2" is expected to be released on Nov. 15, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.