Deepika Padukone in GhoomarYouTube screenshot

The makers of Padmaavat have released a new version of the Ghoomar song with a slight change. The updated video has Deepika Padukone's midriff covered, which was not the case in the original video.

The makers of the movie used CGI to cover Deepika's bare midriff from the original video. The step has been taken after it was alleged that the character of Rani Padmini was not supposed to be shown wearing such an outfit while dancing to "Ghoomar".

Members of the Karni Sena had taken an umbrage to Deepika's midriff being exposed in the song video, and hence the makers have now made this little change with the help of CGI. Apparently, no other change has been made in the song video.

While a lot of objections were raised with regard to Deepika's midriff being exposed in the song video, many of the protestors had also stated that the royal was not supposed to be shown even dancing.

Nonetheless, the makers of Padmaavat have now taken care of at least the "midriff" controversy, and the people in the CGI department have certainly done a great job.

This step taken by Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat makers suggests they are doing everything possible to calm the fringe groups. There have been a series of protests and threats made by the Karni Sena demanding a ban on the film.

Although the censor board has cleared the movie, the protestors believe Padmaavat has objectionable scenes that would hurt sentiments of the Rajput community. Acceding to the demands of the protestors, the state governments of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh had banned the film's release.

The makers of the magnum opus moved the Supreme Court against the ban, following which the apex court ordered a complete removal of all the bans.

However, that did not end the trouble for Padmaavat, as the Karni Sena continued with their threats of burning down theatres that would screen the film. Padmaavat is slated to be released on January 25.

Watch the "Ghoomar" song video below with Deepika's midriff covered using CGI.