Since it's premiere, there has not been a lack of drama on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" spin-off show "Dash Dolls." The employees, aka dolls at Kim, Khloe and Kourtney's Dash boutique in West Hollywood, have struggled to cope with familial problems, boyfriends, cattiness at work and the pressure of working under the Kardashians. And amidst all of this, the dolls have managed to balance their alternate careers. However, it seems one of the dolls has neglected her job at Dash.

In the promo for the 'Dash Dolls' season finale, Khloe has lunch with her besties and co-managers of the boutique, Malika and Khadijah Haqq. This is when Khadijah tells the youngest of the Kardashian sisters one of the dolls, Melody Rae Kandil, is often missing at work.  

Fans of the show would remember Melody as one of the tallest of the cast members. In the previous episodes of "Dash Dolls," it was revealed Melody is a model. 

In the promo, Khloe says: "I get it you're a model, but show some respect." She adds: "I am beyond annoyed. I think Melody is dead weight. I've had plenty of conversations with her and I'm over it." 

Melody Rae Kandil recently posted a sneak-peek video for the season finale on her Instagram. In the brief clip, "Dash Dolls" cast members Stephanie, Melody, Durrani and others break down. At one point, Durrani says: "I'm gonna miss you. You are the other sister." 

Fans of the show commented on Melody's video, wondering if the model had indeed been handed the pink slip. Some argued that it could perhaps be Stephanie D'Souza, who always hangs out with Durrani Popal and Nazy Farnoosh. 

"Dash Dolls" Season 1 Episode 8 airs on Sunday, 8 November at 9pm on E! You can live-stream the episode via E! Live.

Watch the promo for episode 8 here: