Syfy's popular space opera series "Dark Matter" is all set to return after almost a year to the small screen with its second season. "Dark Matter" Season 2 will pick up from where Season 1 left and the identity of the traitor might be revealed in the upcoming season.

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As reported by Den of Geek, Syfy's program strategy senior vice president, Chris Regina, has said that fans should be prepared for more thrilling episodes as the story will further unfold in the second season.

"With its mysterious premise and fascinating characters, 'Dark Matter' has built an incredibly loyal, passionate and engaged fan base. We look forward to another out-of-the-world season from this talented creative team," Regina said.

According to Christian Times, fans can expect to witness the fate of the crew in the aftermath of the shocking events that took place in Season 1 finale. Some of the most-awaited questions might get answered in the second season, including why Five damaged the mind wipe, what relationship Six has with the Galactic Authority, and why The Android was behaving so oddly lately.

Viewers can hope to see all the loose ends in the plot to be tied in the next season as the show's story will be getting more complicated with the upcoming episodes. Since all the members of the crew ended up in the prison, it will be interesting to see how they plan to move ahead now.

Melissa O'Nel, who portrays the role of Two in the series, hinted at who might be the traitor in the series. During a Q&A at the Toronto Comic-Con, she said: "There's a lot of satisfaction in the second season with regards to the unanswered themes in season 1. Two is the only person who wakes up knowing who betrayed us because she has that moment where she saw [Six] before he zaps her out. [It's] seeing how that relationship kind of figures itself out and what we do when we're in prison."