Maddie Ziegler
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The latest instalment of "Dance Moms" will dedicate itself to duets. The members of the ALDC team will rehearse together for an upcoming competition in California. However, Abby Lee Miller will continue to cause problems in Season 6 Episode 9 titled "Nia Saves the Day."

[Spoiler Alert]

In the upcoming episode of Lifetime's reality series, Maddie Ziegler will tie-up with the other star of the show, Brynn Rumfallo. The two will battle it out with their peers Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker. Although this competition seems fierce, the synopsis on TV Guide indicates that things will go amiss.

According to the summary, Kalani will find it difficult to dance as a result of her back injury. Admittedly, the timing couldn't be worse. The young member of Abby's ALDC will have to take a back seat and the title of Episode 9 indicates that Nia Frazier might take her place.

In the promo, Abby says, "Two of my strongest dancers are going against my number one girl and the new girl."

Elsewhere in the episode, the ALDC dance coach will find a new office assistant. Brynn's mother Ashlee will fill in for the role, but this doesn't bode well with the rest of the mothers. They flare up when Abby asks Nia to fill in for Kalani and the dancer doesn't perform well.

One of the mothers takes the situation personally and says, "You win, Abby. You win. You wanted to humiliate the girls and you did it."

It remains to be seen if the tirade at Miller has anything to do with the duet competition.

"Dance Moms" Season 6 Episode 9 airs on Tuesday, March 1, at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. You can live stream the episode via My Lifetime.