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Everyone on the "Dance Moms" sets go through a turmoil. Reason? The ALDC coach Abby Lee Miller resigns from her position, leaving behind a team that's extremely clueless and emotionally vulnerable. This will be the main plot of Season 6 Episode 5 titled "Abby's Replaceable."

A highly strung Abby is revealed to have "quit" the dance show after the moms and the students find themselves locked out of the studio. Furthermore, the moms reveal that the dance coach resigned from her position via email. Nonetheless, this doesn't have any bearing on the competitions that's lined up for the ALDC students. They have to continue with their dance routines regardless of a leader.

According to the synopsis, a new dance coach arrives on the sets to impart dance lessons to the rest of the team. This leads to a number of problems and Holly Frazier says in the promo, "After Abby resigned last week, I think it's very clear Abby set us up for failure," she adds, "They're incredibly vulnerable. Everyone's hitting a wall and they have no leader."

Elsewhere in the episode, Kalani Hilliker and Nia Frazier train with Debbie Allen. The synopsis hints that the rehearsals take a toll on the young kids and they suffer in the process. This stress is evident in their performance. According to a "Dance Moms" spoiler website, Nia and Kalani win the first place in the teen division, but are placed fourth overall.

However, the ALDC team does extremely well with their Bollywood dance routine choreographed by Nakuldev Mahajan. Their "Bollywood Dream" performance bolsters their confidence. According to the site, ALDC is placed first in the junior division and win the first place title overall.

However, it appears that Maddie Ziegler was not present during the filming of the upcoming episode.

Season 6 Episode 5's synopsis released via TV Guide reads:

After resigning the previous week, Abby locks the team out of her studio. Elsewhere, Debbie Allen invites the ALDC to work with her; guest choreographer Nakul prepares a Bollywood routine for the minis; Kalani and Nia are pushed to their breaking point with a duet; and Peyton and her mom struggle with two dances.

"Dance Moms" Season 6 Episode 5 titled "Abby's Replaceable" airs on Tuesday, 2 February, at 9 pm on Lifetime. You can live stream the episode via My Lifetime.

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