There's going to be plenty of drama, tears and bad blood in the latest episode of "Dance Moms". Fans of the show would remember that Maddie Ziegler's friend, Kendall Vertes, burst into a stream of tears on the Season 6 premiere episode. Since then, the young dancer has been able to brave the pressures of the competition, until she gets into trouble again on Season 6 Episode 3.

According to the synopsis for the upcoming episode, Kendall's position in the ALDC team is not firmly cemented. In fact, she could be asked to leave by dance coach Abby Lee Miller. Although it isn't clear why Abby would ask Kendall to leave, Kendall's lack of direction in ALDC angers her mother, Jill Vertes.

In Season 6 Episode 3 promo, Jill confronts Abby. The emotional mother focuses her frustration on another dance member, Brynn Rumfallo, and states to Abby, "Are you kidding me? You never taught her a God damn thing!"

Nevertheless, a "Dance Moms" spoiler site mentioned that Brynn and Kendall went on to perform the rest of the season and even won several awards for their solos.

Elsewhere in the episode, Abby introduces her mini team to her seasoned dancers and their mothers. As the dance coach busies herself with training the newest additions to her dance company, the mothers are flabbergasted. One of the mothers says in an aside that her child can't do anything because of the new team.

Season 6 Episode 3's synopsis reads:

The new mini team arrives at the ALDC L.A. as Abby stresses over the new dancers and her continuing legal troubles. Meanwhile, Kendall's position on the Junior Competition team is threatened; and Jill goes after Ashlee and Brynn.

"Dance Moms" Season 6 Episode 3 titled "Mini Dancers, Big Drama" airs on Tuesday, 19 January, at 9pm on Lifetime. You can live stream the episode via My Lifetime.

Watch the promo below: