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In this week's instalment of Dance Moms, tensions rise as the moms and dance coach Abby Lee Miller get involved in a war of words. In season 6 episode 26 titled Mommy Meltdown, Abby's loyalty to the elites is questioned.

The upcoming instalment of the Lifetime reality TV show captures the divide between the elites and the minis. Abby, who has devoted her attention to the minis since the start of season 6, will include a lyrical number for the group, while the elites have to rehearse for their group dance which many moms describe as "cheesy."

In fact, the cast members' mothers panic and wonder if their kids will even have a chance at winning in the elite vs mini competition in season 6 episode 26. This anxiety impels Jill Vertes to say, "Abby, this cannot go on stage. None of the kids are doing this number."

However, Abby is hardly sympathetic in her response. The Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) dance coach instead focuses on the minis. 

Spoilers for season 6 episode 26 suggest that the moms pull their kids out of the competition but this leads to a bigger fight with the minis' mothers. 

In the promo, Alexus Oladi's mother Tiffanie says, "The first week we actually get a lyrical, you guys pull out of the competition."

Although the synopsis (via TV Guide) states that the elites will not have a group number, a Dance Moms spoiler website notes that the minis and the elites took part in the Fierce National Dance Competition in Phoenix on May 7.

According to the website, ALDC's contemporary/lyrical dance routine, Sun City, AZ won the first overall in the teen division. Meanwhile, the minis' performance, Wait For Me Mom, was placed second overall.

Dance Moms season 6 episode 26 airs at 9 pm EST on Tuesday, September 27, on Lifetime. You can live-stream the episode via My Lifetime