The fans of CBS' hit crime show "CSI:Cyber" have been waiting for long. After its brief hiatus, DB Russell and the rest of the team will return to television screens and display what they do best: go after hackers who make their lives difficult. The midseason premiere of "CSI: Cyber" depicts the physical and emotional stress that the team undergoes while trying to solve a crime that's never happened before.

In season 2 episode 11 of "CSI: Cybers", the team is asked to look into the case of a missing flight. This is the main plot of the episode. To be sure, the plane goes off the grid and is perhaps because someone hacks into its control system. Admittedly, this has never taken place before and the team is at odds about the situation that unfolds in front of them. 

Actor Charley Koontz said in a interview with Assignment X that season 2 episode 11 will offer a peek into the horrifying nature of technology. He added that his team members will jeopardise their personal lives while solving the case.

"It's a lot more about the characters and a lot more about having a job that takes eighteen hours to crack one code makes it somewhat difficult to have a family life and/or relationships that are interpersonal," he said.

The guest stars of season 2 episode 11 include Emmitt Smith, Victoria Park (Erica Chan) and Marcus Ashley (Irvin Minkler). 

The synopsis for season 2 episode 11 reads:

The team investigates what appears to be a hack into air traffic control's communication system, but a greater threat emerges when a flight vanishes into thin air, and the team is drawn into the world's first case of cyber-hijacking.

"CSI: Cyber" season 2 episode 11 titled "404: Flight Not Found" will be aired on Sunday, 10 January, at 10pm on CBS. You can live stream the episode here.