"Criminal Minds" season 11 is getting very gripping as the BAU is solving some very interesting cases. And it looks like the team is getting serialised in the approach to handling their UnSubs. While in episode 7 we saw Dirty Dozen coming back to haunt the BAU, in episode 8 this week, Hotch and Garcia will be on its target.

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In last week's episode 7 we saw JJ returning to BAU and how the team celebrated her comeback from maternity leave. As the episode progressed, the team is asked to assist in a case of missing co-ed, which was brought to their attention by Rossi's daughter, Joy.

And by the end of "Target Rich" the team learns that Giuseppe Montolo, the hitman who taunted Morgan about "The Dirty Dozen" after being arrested, has died in prison by being poisoned. BAU smells some kind of conspiracy here.

By now we already know that there's a group of assassins for hire that exist and they are called the Dirty Dozen. In this week's episode 8, BAU will be seen tracking down the Dirty Dozen as they also try to solve a case where their UnSub tortures his victims through sleep deprivation.

The promo of "Awake" shows a woman stranded in a car on a deserted street, who is startled when a mysterious man knocks on the driver side window. The synopsis also hints that FBI agents Aaron Hotchner and Penelope Garcia will become their next targets. Meanwhile, JJ will be seen struggling to balance her job at BAU with her new baby.

Plot synopsis for "Awake" reads:

"The BAU hunts a serial killer in Phoenix, Arizona who tortures his victims using sleep deprivation. Meanwhile, as JJ struggles to balance her job with an additional baby to care for, Hotch and Garcia deal with imminent threats from a dark-net group of hitmen, regarding "The Dirty Dozen."

"Criminal Minds" Season 11, episode 8 titled "Awake" will air on CBS on 18 November, 9 pm.