"Criminal Minds" season 11 is leaving no stone unturned and is churning out some intense, thrilling action by packing each episode with various unimaginable complicated cases. After solving the case of a "so called" graffiti artist-turned-serial killer in episode 5, BAU in this week's episode 6, will be seen pinning down a murderer in a town full of sex offenders.

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Fans were treated to a shocking twist with an interesting case last week in episode 5. And now, you can look forward to yet another intense new episode with "Pariahville".

Last week, in the episode titled "The Night Watch", the BAU team went hunting for a murderer in Detroit, who was trying to frame a local street artist for all the killings. This serial killer would turn the victim's body into an artwork after murdering them. And he would do it in such a manner that it would look exactly like the work of the artist known as Morpheus.

And as episode 5 progressed, the FBI agents discovered that Morephus was actually a woman and the murderer was the father of her deceased child. At the end of the episode, we saw that the team failed to save Morpheus, who was killed by her ex, before he took his own life.

Well, this week with episode 6, viewers can expect yet another exciting case as BAU goes to a small town in Florida to track down a murderer targeting cheerleaders, but they find themselves in a fix as they have to pin the killer in town, which is full of sex offenders.

The promo of "Pariahville" teases that after a cheerleader is murdered, BAU travel to a small town in Florida to investigate her death, but catching the killer will become like finding a needle in haystack as they have a town full of suspects.

Meanwhile, Dr Tara Lewis is contemplating making a career move and she receives a job offer that could require her to quit the BAU.

Plot synopsis for "Pariahville" reads:

"A murder in a Florida community of sex offenders results in a large number of possible suspects; a career opportunity could take Lewis away from the BAU."

"Criminal Minds" Season 11, episode 6 titled " Pariahville" will air on CBS on 4 November, 9 pm.