"Criminal Minds" season 11 is all set to head for a mid-season hiatus, after airing episode 10 on 9 December. While we have seen BAU solve some intense and dark cases until now, it looks like the winter finale will get a bit more disturbing with "Future Perfect".

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Last week in episode 9, BAU was seen dealing with an Unsub named Jacob DuFour. He was a psychopath, who took pleasure in killing people and carving their faces off to wear, and a murderous group called The Dirty Dozen, who kills off DEA agents.

"Internal Affairs" showed that the team was able to track down DuFour, the assassin group remains at large, and how Garcia was forced to hide out at the station as the killers were now out to get her.

This week's mid-season finale episode will show how the BAU searches for an UnSub who may be fascinated with medical experimentation. The preview of "Future Perfect" teases that it will be a disturbing episode and the clip starts off showing an unconscious woman, who is being wheeled; she is strapped in and gagged, and when she regains consciousness, she finds herself in an operating room. She can't scream, but sees another man who is lying beside her in a similar condition.

The promo also shows someone, who doesn't seem to be a doctor, doing a medical procedure. He is not wearing any scrub and there are no other people in the room.

Plot synopsis for "Future Perfect" reads: Based on the condition in which two bodies are found, it is determined that this was the work of a serial killer. The BAU is asked to investigate and it is believed that the killer they are hunting is fascinated with medical experiments, presumably in a disturbing way.