After a week's break, the couples on VH1's reality show "Couples Therapy" are back. So far, the show's cast has made progress with problems in their personal lives. From Big Ang to Joe Budden, cast members have opened up to the celebrity therapist and even engaged in a fierce and therapeutic way to deal with their issues. Aside from all the drama on the show, this week's episode will include some heartwarming moments, a proposal being one among them. 

In the promo pictures for Season 6 Episode 9, Adrian Torres is seen kneeling with a ring. Fans have speculated this could actually mean a proposal from the reality star to his girlfriend Carmen Carrera. To be sure, Adrian's proposal does indicate a healthy change in their relationship. The couple was tormented by issues of infidelity earlier. 

Furthermore, Season 6 Episode 9 will also capture cast members talking about their sex life. In the promo clip for the upcoming episode, Carmen Carrera talks about her life as a transgender woman. Her honest and emotional speech hints at her journey, and boyfriend Adrian is seen giving her comfort. 

According to TV Guide, Season 6 Epsiode 9's synopsis reads: 

The group discusses their sex lives; and Carmen talks about the details of being trans. Later, Adrian surprises Carmen with an unexpected question.

"Couples Therapy" airs on Wednesday, 2 December at 10 pm on VH1. You can live-stream the episode online here