The latest episode of "Continuum" titled "The Desperate Hours" will show the journey of Kiera as she urges Carlos to move further in the path. Meanwhile, Kellog will come across an unexpected hurdle that will leave him flabbergasted.

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According to the official synopsis, in the upcoming episode, Kiera pushes Carlos' patience to the limit as she pressurises him for more time. Besides, Kellog faces an unexpected peril as the future soldiers stage a daring raid to free their imprisoned leader.

We had reported earlier that in the previous episode, titled "Power Hour", the emphasis was on the characters of Rollins and the other five Marines who visited from the year 2039.

The future Marines, who were introduced in the first episode of season 4 titled "Lost Hours", have been a cause of trouble for Kiera as they are dead set to free their leader. Now, after the raid, it seems the difficulties are going to double for Kiera.

During an interview, Paunovic told Syfy and TV Talk (via Enstars) that for now, Rollins's role is just of a soldier who came to the present to carry out some specific orders. Whoever opposes him and the other Marines will have to face their wrath, including the City Protective Services officer.

The actor said, "There is a quiet confidence among this band of soldiers that are basically capable of mass destruction.

"At the end of the day he's got a job to do and a cause he believes in, so the only real tricky part of playing someone like this was trying to keep him contained and focused on his business."

As the synopsis mentions, it seems very soon Rollins will be joined by his fellow comrades and will continue his mission to alter the past so that they all can return back to 2039 and rule in a "utopia" as perceived by the Marines.