A video has been posted online showing a group of skydivers in Colombia playing out a real-life gameof Quidditch, thousands of feet up in the air.

The footage, which appears to have been filmed for a Colombian phone company, shows the daredevils jump out of a plane as they recreate elements of the fictional sport from author JK Rowlings Harry Potter series.

The skydivers can be seen hurtling out of the aircraft with broomsticks between their legs, before an inflatable version of a quaffle, a ball used in the sport, is thrown into the air. Different members of the group battle it out to grab the quaffle mid-air, before one skydiver manages to take hold of the ball and throw it through a hoop held by two other team members, a way of scoring points in the game.

After scoring the goal, the skydivers deploy their parachutes and celebrate what would get you 10 points in the sport. Other elements from the flying broomstick game, such as beaters batting away bludgers (balls made of iron) and a seeker chasing the elusive golden snitch (a winged ball that flies around on its own), were absent from the video.

Whilst Quidditch might have been created in Rowlings popular fantasy franchise, the sport has been recreated in real-life before as a ground-based game since 2005, developing an international following and even hosting its own World Cup.