"Code Black" Season 1 seems to be sailing pretty smoothly. With seven episodes aired, fans now are able to relate to the dilemmas and emotions of resident doctors at Angels Memorial Hospital. While Episode 7 saw a range of medical cases and how confidently the resident doctors handled it, Episode 8 this week will shift the focus back to their personal lives.

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Last week, in Episode 7, we saw how a mass casualty accident added to the craziness of the ER at Angels Memorial. And fans got to see a lot of medical cases and how residents are finally gaining confidence and handling cases on their own. The major case in the episode titled "Buen Arbol" was an accident involving a car running into pedestrians at a street fair.

We saw how Angus took the lead in treating the driver, while Christa's patient was a kid. The episode also highlighted Mario's biggest weaknesses — lack of empathy and stubborn independence. Leanne was reluctant to get involved, and while everyone tried to understand her reluctance, we find out she is doing so not just to wall in her emotions but also because she realises they have limited resources to work with.

Even in this week's episode, Leanne will be in the spotlight as she refuses a date with Cole. The promo of "You are the Heart" also teases that Christa will be responsible for all the emergencies at the hospital. Meanwhile, Mario will be seen bonding with an older HIV patient and Malaya will start a bone marrow drive for Carla.

Plot synopsis of Episode 8 reads:

Christa has her busiest shift yet when she is responsible for all emergencies at Angels Memorial that occur outside of the ER. Also, Mario bonds with an older patient with HIV, Malaya starts a bone marrow drive for Carla, and Leanne refuses a date with Cole.

"Code Black" Episode 8, tilted "You are the Heart", will air on CBS on 18 November at 10 pm.