"Code Black" with all its medical and family drama is just getting better with each episode. And it looks like the resident doctors in Angels have managed to strike some chord with the viewers in the series' first season.

While last week's episode 5 showed a twist of the "mysterious outbreak," this week in episode 6, fans will see the tough choices Leanne and Malaya will have to make.

CLICK HERE to watch episode 5, titled " "Doctors with Borders" live. And CLICK HERE to watch it later online.

In last week's episode 5, we saw the hospital's ER was packed with patients suffering from an unknown respiratory ailment, causing them to be quarantined in case it's contagious. When Dr Neal Hudson's mother is admitted among them, he clashes with his father over the line of treatment to be followed.

In "Doctors with Borders" we got to see different sides of all the characters. Taylor was seen showing her witty side, while Christa, who was emotionally invested in her patients, was seen learning how to make that weakness of hers work in her favour. The episode also saw Angus and Mario come closer together after the impaled electrician goof up.

This week in episode 6, we will see Leanne struggling to make a tough decision --- whether to treat a police officer, who helped her during an accident or his shooter, who has more serious injuries. The promo of "In Extremis" also teases that Malaya's pregnant ex-girlfriend will arrive at the hospital with pain in her arm, but she is shocked by her MRI results.

Plot synopsis of episode 6 reads:

"Leanne is faced with a tough choice when a police officer -- with whom she shares a personal connection -- and his shooter both need urgent medical care; Malaya's pregnant ex-girlfriend (Shiri Appleby) comes to the hospital with a pain in her arm."

"Code Black" episode 6, tilted "In Extremis", will be aired on CBS on 4 November at 10pm.