"Code Black" is moving forward with some high-intensity emotional drama. And it doesn't look like the plot is deviating from this turmoil as the resident doctors in Angels continue struggling to strike a balance between solving interesting medical cases and their personal lives. The drama continues further with this week's episode 5.

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Last week's episode 4 saw a good mix of interesting medical cases, emotional patients and character developments amongst doctors. "Sometimes It's a Zebra" also saw the docs handling a funny case of Joanie, the orgasming woman. While Angus and Mario felt uneasy managing the case, it was Jesse, who solved her problem.

It was also discovered that Tina's father was her kidnapper. On the other hand, Christa is advised by Dr Leanne about how she cannot bring personal feelings about her lost son while handling cases. She is told that she cannot make judgements and assumptions about patients.

The highlight of the episode was Guthrie's estranged son Cole joining Angels Memorial as a surgical attending. He also has a clash with Leanne over contrasting approaches to medicine.

This week's episode 5 seems to be as interesting and maybe more emotional than the previous one. In "Doctors with Borders" we will see a clash between Neal and his father Dr Peter Hudson. The promo of the episode teases how Neal's gravely ill mother, Asra, exhibits mysterious symptoms that prompt quarantine in Trauma One. But Neal and his father, who's a neurosurgeon cannot agree on medical treatment for her.

Plot synopsis of episode 5 reads:

"Neal clashes with his father, Dr. Peter Hudson, who is a neurosurgeon, over how to treat his gravely ill mother, Asra Hudson, whose mysterious symptoms force Angels Memorial to quarantine Trauma One."

"Code Black" episode 5, tilted "Doctors with Borders", will be aired on CBS on 28 October at 10pm.