"Code Black" premiered on CBS last week with a lot of action and medical chaos happening in the in emergency rooms of Angels Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. And the medical drama continues with all the new resident doctors taking over the ER in episode 2, titled, "We Plug Holes."

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The pilot episode of Code Black saw how a whole bunch of new residents of the Los Angeles County Hospital, who arrived for their first shift with Senior Nurse Jesse Sallander (Luis Guzman) and Resident Director Dr. Leanne Rorish (Marcia Gay Harden). The episode clearly portrayed Leanne as a no nonsense doctor who isn't afraid of bending the rules in order to save lives.

After explaining what the term Code Black meant, the episode took off with various ups and downs and stress all the residents experienced while working in the ER. All the new residents were quickly introduced, before the team had their first case with Leanne. And in this residents Malaya and Christa proved themselves better than the rest.

This week's "We Plug Holes" promises to be another drama-packed episode. The promo of the episode shows the doctors dealing with various cases including a bizarre case of an elderly woman, who has swallowed some coins. Episode 2 will also see Leanne handling a case of the father, who is brought to the ER by his daughter in an unconscious state. He is brain dead.

Meanwhile, it will be shown how the Chief and the board loves Leanne because she produced the best doctors through her program. And Christa will be seen proving her worth again when she does an emergency C-section in the ambulance.

Plot synopsis of episode 2, titled "We Plug Holes" reads:

"After Christa saves a woman's life, she pleads with Neal to perform a surgery that will ensure the patient's reproductive future. Also, Mario gets into a fight with a patient after he delivers a diagnosis that could imperil the man's hockey career."

"Code Black" episode 2, tilted "We Plug Holes" will be aired on CBS on 7 October, 10PM.