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Code Black Season1 is getting very interesting. While the last two episodes boasted of a gripping plot and the whole stalker issue, Episode 16 could have a love triangle between Neal, Christa and Grace.

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Last week, Episode 15 focused on Gina's death and its aftermath. The episode shows flashbacks of how Malaya's stalker Gordon kept visiting the hospital frequently asking for Malaya. And how he attacked and stabbed Gina. Continuing from where "The Fifth Stage" had left off, last week's episode "Diagnosis of Exclusion" showed Gordon going berserk and attacking other doctors.

The episode showed Malaya lied to Gordon about being gay. He got angry, attacked her and tried to rape her, but Angus arrived in time saved her. Angus fought Gordon, but accidentally got stabbed and ultimately killed Gordon. In between all this, Gina was pronounced dead and everyone mourned.

At the end of the episode Neal and Christa announced their relationship to the HR.

And now, in Episode 16, the couple already expects to face some relationship issues with Neal's ex-girlfriend returning to Angels. According to the synopsis of "Hail Mary", Christa becomes insecure when Dr Grace comes back after spending a year in Haiti. And going by the promo photos, it looks like Neal and Grace spend a lot of time together.

So do Neal's feelings for Grace come in between his relationship with Christa? We will have to see.

Meanwhile, the promo teases a guest appearance by Odell Beckham Jr, who comes to the hospital to convince his coach to undergo a life-saving surgery.

Official synopsis of "Hail Mary" reads: Christa becomes insecure in her new relationship with Neal when his ex-girlfriend, Dr Grace Adams, who begins her recurring role as Dr Grace Adams, returns to Angels Memorial after spending a year volunteering in Haiti. Also, New York Giants Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr comes to the ER to convince his stubborn high school football coach Pete Delaney to have life-saving surgery.

"Code Black" Season 1 Episode 16, titled ""Hail Mary," will be aired on CBS on Feb. 10 at 10 p.m.