"Code Black" is going pretty steady despite all the chaos happening at Angel's ER. And now, the plot seems to be delving deeper and deeper into each character's personal lives. This week, episode 10 will witness a major plot development and it could happen in the form of Jesse's death.

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Last week, in episode 8, we saw how a family becomes victim of a home evasion with a father who was stabbed near the heart, a mother who was repeatedly stabbed and a son who was injured during his search for rescue by jumping out a window from a building. The episode, titled "The Son Rises", also saw Mario and Angus clashing over the mother who has bruises around her eyes. On the other hand, a son was seen struggling to get his father off life support.

The episode also threw light on Leanne's personal life as she starts opening up more about her family. And Jesse shows up as a good friend in support as he cheered her up by singing out his own version of "The Lion King".

But the highlight of the episode was romantic sparks flying between Leanne and Dr Cole. Well, it looks like it may soon come down crashing when Leanne finds out that Cole is trying to poach Neal from her staff.

In this week's episode 10 senior nurse Jesse Salander will suffer a massive heart attack, leaving the ER shaken. This leaves Leanne worried with the thought of losing Jesse. Leanne is forced to save his life and she is feeling tested as she has never tried saving life of one of her dearest friends.

Meanwhile, Mario asks the residents to cover for him so he can search the city for a patient's son, which goes against Neal's direct order not to leave the hospital. But these major plot could strengthen the relationship between Dr. Neal Hudson and Leanne.

Will Jesse be killed in the episode? Well, watch it to know it.

Plot synopsis of Episode 10 reads: "Leanne worries about losing Jesse after he has a massive heart attack; Mario searches the city for a patient's son -- defying Neal's directive."

"Code Black" Episode 10, titled "Cardiac Support", will be aired on CBS on 2 December at 10 pm.