Ji woon and Ha won
Ji woon and Ha wonScreenshot/YouTube

The drama on Cinderella and Four Knights just got a lot more intense and interesting with the lip-lock shown in the previously-aired episode 12.

As fans saw, the beloved almost-couple Ji woon (Jun Il woo) and Ha won (Park So dam) kissed for a second time on the show, and this time no one was in an inebriated stupor to not remember it the next day. There has been an incredible connection between the duo, but Ji woon had been too concerned with protecting Hye ji's (Son Na eun) feelings to take Ha won's interest in him seriously.

However, in episode 12, Ji woon took her out on a walk, after learning the truth about the man who was pretending to be Ha won's father. There he finally revealed his true feelings to her. "It's not Hye ji," he told her, adding, "It's you." In case you weren't clear on what exactly he was trying to tell her, Ji woon elaborated that she is the one his heart belongs to.

Ji woon further thanked her for trying to get closer to him, and asked her to stay there, meaning close to him. "I'll be the one to get closer to you from now on," he said, before walking towards her and kissing her passionately. Does this mean that Ji woon and Ha won can have that full-fledged romance all fans have been waiting for, or will CEO Kang (Kim Yong-Gun) or Hye ji try to ruin their happily ever after?

Speaking of Hye ji, Hyun min (Ahn Jae hyun) may finally be getting to a point where he can admit his feelings for her. This obviously would be great for Hye ji, who has been desperately in love with the oldest Kang cousin for as long as she can remember. Amid these sure-to-be couples, though, teen heartthrob Seo woo (Lee Jung shin) remains heartbroken after learning that Ha won does not see him the same way he sees her.

How will all these stories tie up in the show come episode 13? Find out when Cinderella and Four Knights goes on air on Drama Fever on Thursday, September 22.