In the latest episode of NBC's "Chicago Fire" season 4, titled "Regarding the Wedding", it seems that after a wedding location was destroyed by a fire, Boden offers the wedding to be held at the firehouse.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Boden offers to host a wedding at the firehouse after a fire destroys the original location, but it doesn't sit well with Chief Riddle, who also butts heads with Dawson over her ability to perform.

In other events, Severide fights for his old position; and Captain Patterson finds himself torn between leadership and his colleagues.

Boden's offer has upset Chief Riddle who is already unhappy with him after Boden busted a recent case. Hence, she is reluctant to allow Boden for it but she is not sure that she should refuse him as Boden has already made an official statement regarding the offer.

Besides, Severide is determined to get back his old position. In the earlier episodes, he was demoted to a lower rank that has been causing a great frustration to him lately. After realising that he couldn't take it anymore, he decides to talk straightforwardly about it with the newly appointed commanding officer Captain Patterson.

In the mean time, Patterson is finding it difficult to lead the department as well as pleasing his colleagues at the same time. Since he has been appointed the commanding officer, some interruptions are always coming his way, the latest of which is Severide's constant nagging and complaining regarding his position.

Chief Riddle and Dawson will continue their cold war against each other as Riddle claims Dawson's condition is not as bad as Dawson thinks and she can start working soon.

It seems that the tension is still strong among the members of the Firehouse 51. How soon it will be all back to normal can be found only in the upcoming episodes.