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In the season finale titled "Superhero" of NBC's "Chicago Fire" Season 4, it seems that one of the major characters will leave the show when the episode ends.

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According to the synopsis by, "In the Season 4 finale, Boden and Jimmy are at odds; Kidd deals with her unstable ex; Dawson continues her quest to foster Louie; Casey's new political consultant urges him to think big; and the team responds to a dangerous structure fire."

As stated by Design & Trend, Dawson will try her best to foster Louie. However, it seems that she and Casey will have some disagreement with Dawson's adaptation plans. In the promo, Dawson can be seen screaming at Casey as he says to her that he is not ready to be a parent yet.

Elsewhere, Casey's political consultant, Susan Weller, will urge him to look after his Alderman duties that consist of attending a three-day summit out of town. Much to her surprise, Casey agrees to it without much ado.

Casey is doing well as a politician and it is not unnoticed by Weller. She encourages him to have bigger political dreams than the role of an Alderman and work as hard as he has to in order to achieve those goals.

Nevertheless, Dawson has a lot of other things to attend to besides fostering Louie. A dangerous fire outbreak is attended by Firehouse 51 and it seems that Dawson's life will be put to risk. In the promo, she can be seen ordering Stella to leave and save her life and it seems that Dawson didn't make it alive out of the fire. At the end of the promo, Boden tries to communicate with a heavily injured Dawson over a communication line.

Whether Dawson will make it through the season finale of "Chicago Fire" Season 4 or not, will be seen once "Superhero" is aired.