Among the rom-coms in recent times, "Catastrophe" distinguishes itself with a plot that's imaginative, refreshing to watch and humour that's witty, dark and quite absurd.

The first season of the British comedy series concerned itself with the story of Sharon, a school teacher in England and Rob, an advertising executive from the US. After a casual fling, Sharon finds herself pregnant and Rob, being a gentleman of sorts, moves to London and asks her to marry him. 

Amidst geriartric pregnancy, cervical dysplasia and foetal abnormalities, Sharon and Rob stand by each other. Season 1 ends with their wedding, right after which, Sharon's water breaks. 

"Catastrophe's" season 2 trailer suggests that Sharon and Rob welcome a baby boy. Sharon struggles with motherhood whilst her husband has trouble in office. 

The trailer reveals that Rob gets suspended for sexual assault. At this juncture, we can safely predict that his presence at home will irritate Sharon. After all, she often asked Rob to leave the house for some privacy in season 1. 

Nevertheless, what can be termed as their honeymoon phase in season 1 might turn ugly in season 2, especially since there's a baby to deal with. At one point in the trailer, Sharon tells him, "I think it may have been irresponsible of us to procreate." 

While Sharon battles with this realisation later in the show, in season 2's episode 1, she has to contend with, "An ill-considered family gathering brings Rob's mother and an incident with a dog," 

Show creators Sharon Horgan and Twitter star Rob Delaney, who play the parts of Sharon and Rob said that season 2 will not pick up where season 1 left off. According to Vulture, the latest season begins after quite a few months. 

"Catastrophe" season 2 releases in the UK on Tuesday, 27 October at 10pm. You can live stream the episode via Channel 4 website.

Watch season 2 trailer here: