Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson show how to film a sizzling sex scene
Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson show how to film a sizzling sex scene                          Screenshot/YouTube

This video has all the ingredients for an incredibly hot sex scene; two gorgeous willing participants, sweat covering their seemingly naked and insanely fit bodies. However, the scene is terribly awkward.

So why do things get super awkward between Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson? Because apparently as sexy as things may seem in the movies, they can be equally awkward behind the scenes.

The nearly two-minute long YouTube video shows the behind-the-scenes footage of a sizzling sex scene between Decker and Wilson for the film "Stretch".

The video, which has been viewed over 4,366,654 times, opens with a nearly naked Wilson lying on top of a nearly naked Decker, with the noise of several crew members busy at work in the background.

Shortly afterwards, director Joe Carnahan tells the actors to "knock a couple of these (sex scenes) out".

Wilson asks Decker if she feels okay. The actress replies that everything is fine and that she was just moving "it", referring to Wilson's private parts, to which they both giggle.

The volume on a track by James Brown is then turned up and the sex scene starts, with Carnahan telling the actors that he is going to "let Big James show you the rhythm. Ready and action!"

Decker and Wilson gives quite an astounding 20-second long performance of a sizzling scene, before the latter pauses deadpan and says: "And then I'm out".

The director cuts in laughing: "Nice, that was great! Alright guys, do another one like that and we've got it, I swear to God."

Wilson then asks: "Was that enough f***ing?", to which the director replies: "That was a lot of f***ing, great f***ing!" as Decker laughs.

The actors are then sprayed with fake sweat before another member of the team gives them directions.

The director then tells Decker: "Babe, when you're looking at him, really engage with him, like you don't want to let his eyes go. And then give him a little bat pack, as if to say, 'You did so great'."

Referring to his faked climax, Wilson checks with the director: "Do you like no words or do you think Stretch is a guy who tells you what he's going to do?"

The director responds: "Oh absolutely, I think he definitely does."

The clip ends with Carnahan telling Decker: "And then babe you should go, "Good, good, good, yes, come, come, come."

While many movie enthusiasts were thrilled with this video, YouTube user Maku gx has a troubling question.

"SOMEONE CREDIBLE FROM HOLLYWOOD please confirm if there's actual penetration or what's going on in movies? Is there penetration in any movies? cuz I applaud you for being great actors but faking this... I'm speechless," while fellow user alwaysstoned1989 is curious: "What if he gets a real boner?"

Some others were just too upset about the fantasy being killed, like Keith Wilson, who posted: "What's it really like filming a sex scene? Rather a buzzkill is what it's like."

Watch the awkward yet sizzling sex scene posted by "STRECH" YouTube channel: