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There's going to be a conflict of interest in this week's episode of "Bring It". While Coach D tries to prepare her girls for a fierce competition, her plans may not materialise. Reason? Rittany threatens to disrupt Coach D's meticulous dance routines.

According to the synopsis for Season 3 Episode 5, titled "Rittany's Revolt", Crystianna's aunt is furious with Miss Dianna. The former, who has proclaimed herself "Crystianna's biggest fan" on her Instagram account, wants to see her niece participate in an event the coach is not ready for.

In the latest episode, Miss Dianna ensures her team of talented dancers takes part in a parade. However, Rittany's constant harassment of the coach forces her to make a tough decision. The coach throws the ball in Rittany's court and gives her two options: If Crystianna doesn't attend the parade that Miss Dianna originally planned, she can't take part in the dance competition either.

What will Rittany do? We predict she will oblige and allow Miss Dianna's plans to materialise. After all, the moms on "Bring It!" have always ensured the Dancing Dolls team doesn't suffer.

In the previous episode, titled "Homecoming Hell", the moms' enthusiasm for the team's win shone. The other moms on the show even trained Selena and made sure she looked spectacular when it was the Dancing Dolls' turn to perform. We think this team spirit will be highlighted in the upcoming episode as well.

Season 3 Episode 5's synopsis, released on the Lifetime website, reads:

This week Dianna prepares the Dolls to face some of their toughest competitors of the season, but Rittany throws a wrench in the plan when she hears that the team is participating in another parade. Dianna forces Rittany to make a tough call â€" if Crystianna doesn't attend the parade, she cannot dance at this week's competition. Will Crystianna take the risk in order to participate in her trio?

"Bring It!" Season 3 Episode 5 airs on Friday, 29 January, at 9 pm on Lifetime. You can live-stream the show via My Lifetime.

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