Coach D and the Dancing Dolls are quite pleased with themselves after last week's victory in the Stand Battle, but they will not get slacking just because of a couple of wins. In season 3 episode 3 of "Bring It!", the dance troupe will be seen cracking their bones for an upcoming competition.

Coach D has a brilliant plan for Dance Dolls' upcoming competition, but some unforeseen hindrance puts their participation at risk. The tough coach will then change the choreography at the last minute, leaving the girls confused. They do not have time to practice their battle stands ahead of the competition and leaves them under-confident. Will their performance suffer because of these last minute changes, or will the Dancing Dolls thrive under pressure?

In the previous episode titled "The Bucking Ballerina", the Dolls faced some last-minute trouble, when Crystianna injured herself and Diana had to replace her with another dancer in the solo spot. She decided to go with Kayla who performed the dance beautifully, wowing the judges and winning the solo. Evidently, Coach D has trained her girls well enough to be able to follow through, when things do not go according to plans.

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However, there was one person who was not impressed with Diana's decision about choosing Kyla for the solo dance – new mom Dana. She wanted Coach D to hold try-outs again to see who should replace Crystianna, which none of the other mothers were okay with. Despite their selfish love for their own daughters none of the mothers wanted to ruin the entire team's chances at winning for their pride.

Dana also tried to get the mothers to wear the kind of clothes that she does, so they would like uniform at the competitions. The mothers are at the wits end with Dana and would be seen getting more frustrated with her in the upcoming episodes.

Watch out for season 3 episode 3 of "Bring It!", which will be aired at 9 pm (EST) on Friday, 15 January. You can also livestream "Hells Week" via mylifetime.