Lifetime's popular dance reality show "Bring It!" aired the premiere episode of Season 3 on Friday, 1 January. The team went up against Compton in a street battle, while drama brewed between veterans and newer members of Dancing Dolls 4 Life.

With the new season, Coach D is planning to drive her Dolls harder, and wants to accomplish that by creating a new stand battle team. This pits the veteran dancers and newer members, who both want to be a part of the team, against each other.

However, the twins do not seem too eager to dance and Coach D notices this and she asks Selena, Star and Sky if they want to in fact be a part of the stand battle team. When the twins say they do, Coach D tells Selena she will throw that incident in her face if Selena were to barge in on her complaining or whining about her daughters in the future.

Coach D then tells the cameras: "I can't imagine what the twins are feeling... to have to step into the footsteps of their sister and not being able to walk in their own footsteps."

In the upcoming Season 3 Episode 2, titled "The Bucking Ballerina", we see Coach D still struggling to get her new team into shape as she reels from the street battle of "Straight Outta Jackson", as Dana decides to give all the mothers in the viewing room a makeover. Will the veteran mothers throw the newcomer a bone and allow her to glam them up?

"The Bucking Ballerina" will also see Crystianna and Faith battling it out for a solo routine. Will Crystianna, a fan-favourite and a long-time associate of the Dancing Dolls, get her wish, or will Faith Cooper swoop in and take the rug from right under the youngest dancer's feet?

We might also get a juicy fight between Coach D and the Tyron, the coach of Elite Starz of Nashville. In a promo clip he is seen nearly kicking Coach D's face along with a "wakau" sound-effect. 

Find out when Season 3 Episode 2 of "Bring It!" airs at 9 pm (EST) on Friday, 8 January. You can also live-stream "The Bucking Ballerina" via mylifetime.