Brennan will seek help of an older anthropologist in the upcoming episode of "Bones" entitled "The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves".

Dr Beth Mayer, the character essayed by legendary actress Betty White, will join the Jeffersonian team as they investigate the death of a real estate agent. It will be interesting to see how Brennan reacts to Beth, as she is not only smarter than Brennan but also shares a strong chemistry with Booth. In a sneak peek of Thursday's episode, Cam is seen asking Brennan if she is jealous seeing Booth and Beth getting like a house on fire.

Thursday's episode will see Beth using her experience to solve the puzzles associated with the death of the real estate agent. She is proficient in computers and also fond of fantasy football, something that the victim was passionate about. Investigating the death of the real estate agent, Booth and Aubery also find that the victim was actively involved in a Twitter war with NFL star Lou Divers, the character played by Ronde Barber.

"With a half century of work under her belt, Dr. Mayer is without a doubt the world's most experienced forensic anthropologist, which will lead to some serious competition with Dr. Brennan," Fox teased in a press release.

The official synopsis for "The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves" reads:

A real-estate agent's remains are discovered in a forest and show signs of being partially devoured by coyote-wolf hybrids, so Brennan solicits help from an older, distinguished forensic anthropologist, who amazes the staff with her decades of experience and surprising knowledge of fantasy football, with which the victim was heavily involved and even linked him to a social-media feud with an NFL star.

"Bones" is aired every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. The latest episode can be watched online on Fox Now.