If there's a rival of "Family Guy", it is Fox's "Bob's Burgers". The animated series, which follows the Belcher family's escapades is eccentric and absurd manner, has managed to hold fans' loyalty even after five seasons. The comedy show's season 6 premieres on Sunday, 27 September. With a new season, the fans will be able to learn more about one kid in particular.

If you're wondering who we're talking about, it is the goofiest cast member on the show, Gene Belcher. The fans have speculated for long if the youngest of the three kids is gay. In fact, a recent article on Advocate claimed that Gene's dialogues and his actions resemble that of a queer person; for instance, Gene is interested in kissing his sister Tina's crush. 

Although the producers of the show have left it to the viewers' interpretation, H Jon Benjamin -- who provides the voice for Bob -- concurred with this theory. In an interview with Huffpost Live, Benjamin said, "He's shapely and he's not athletic. There's a lot of people who've contended that he may be a gay man someday, and I hope so." In any case, Gene might find support from his unconventional family if he reveals that he is gay.

While the fans hope that Gene's sexuality is discussed on the show, season 6 episode 1 "Sliding Bobs" will actually focus on Bob and Linda's relationship.

The humble, straightforward owner of the New York restaurant is asked not to shave his moustache. Reason? Bob's hairy moustache was what had sparked Linda's interest in him. The mother-of-three tells her children that she broke off her engagement with her ex, Hugo, because she was immediately attracted to Bob's moustache.

Executive producer Jim Dauterive told Yahoo that the first episode is part of the kids' trilogy series. Tina, Louise and Gene speculate what could have happened if their dad didn't sport a moustache when he met Linda.

Dauterive said, "It doesn't go well, I'll tell you that."

"Bob's Burgers" season 6 premieres on Sunday, 27 September, at 7.30pm on Fox. You can live stream the episode online via FOX NOW.