After the week-long break, "Blue Bloods" is returning to CBS on Friday, 11 December, and it looks like more than one member of the Reagan family will be put on the hot-seat ahead of Christmas celebrations.

In the upcoming Season 6 Episode 10 titled, "Flags of Our Fathers", Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is being interrogated about his ex-partner. He is forced to defend himself and the man he assumes is innocent, whereas the interrogators believe that his former partner planted evidence to expedite the closing of a homicide investigation.

We know that Danny is one of the most principled and straightforward detectives, and for him to learn that his partner could have committed a crime, would be heartbreaking. However, we do not know if the charges are false, but almost never does the accused come out innocent in such scenarios. We only hope Danny's Christmas spirits aren't dampened by the interrogations and the revelations.

Meanwhile, his father Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is battling his own demons, when a group of extreme radicals burn the national flag as a form of protest. The police commissioner spirals into one of his moral dilemmas when the topic of free speech is raised in the scenario. We will see him taking a stand on how important free speech is, and just how free it should be.

Here is the official synopsis for the upcoming episode:

Danny gets interrogated about his ex-partner, who's been accused of planting evidence in order to close a murder case. Elsewhere, Frank contemplates the parameters of free speech when activists plan to burn the American flag.

Watch Season 6 Episode 10 of "Blue Bloods" at 10.00 pm (EST) on Friday, 11 December. You can also live stream "Flags of Our Fathers" via CBS Live.