In the premiere episode of NBC's "Blindspot" Season 2 titled  "In Night So Ransomed Rogue," it seems Jane (Jaimie Alexander) will finally resolve things with the FBI after being at odds with the agency in the previous season. 

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Martin Gero, executive producer of "Blindspot," has stated that in the upcoming season, the team will be exploring further about Jane's true identity and the intentions behind her previous organisation. The questions that were left unanswered in the previous season will be explained in Season 2 and the show will emphasise on Jane's relationship with Weller (portrayed by Sullivan Stapleton) and other FBI officers.

Season 2 of "Blindspot" will also see a new actor joining the cast. Archie Panjabi will be portraying NSA agent Nas Kamal and will be tracking Jane's activities.

Talking about Archie's character in the series, Gero said, "Archie's character trusts Jane more than Weller and the rest of the team do at the beginning of the season."

Season 2 will pick up three months after the events of the first season and viewers will see that FBI has no more grudge with Jane. Besides it, the relationship between Jane and Weller will also be completely reset and the next season will feature mostly fresh story with very little or no connection to the previous plot at all.

Gero said that Jane and Weller will still be in contact with each other. However, it will be a very different sort of relationship now.

"What they're able to do and how they're able to interact with each other feels completely new," Gero said.

Another new member that will be introduced in the show is Roman (portrayed by Luke Mitchell). Roman is a former colleague of Jane and both have several similarities. Hence, Jane will surely get great help with Roman beside her.