"Blindspot" seems to have hit it well with its viewers. NBC's crime-drama has received such good reviews and positive rating that the channel has decided to have an additional episode for the season. According to various reports, the network has already ordered an extra episode to its full 22-episode season.

Well, it looks like fans are in for a real treat, who have been enjoying unravelling mysteries behind Jane Doe's tattoos in the last seven episodes and continue to do so this week with episode 8, titled "Persecute Envoys".

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In last week's episode 7, we saw when Weller questioned Mayfair about the file, she claimed that Saúl Guerrero was an informant and she was his handler, but then he started to work against the FBI, which is the reason why the file is redacted. On the other hand, David was seen wanting to move in with Patterson, and he helped her follow a clue to the Library of Congress, but Mayfair finds out about David and reprimands Patterson for giving a civilian access to classified information.

"Sent on Tour" also saw how the FBI followed one of Jane's tattoos to a secessionist town in Michigan where they can arrest Guerrero. After fighting the militia with the help of a clue from another tattoo, they bring him to the FBI. When Kurt notices that Mayfair has never met Guerrero before, she tells him about Operation Daylight.

This week's episode 8 will pick up from where the previous episode left. Kurt will be seen confronting his boss Mayfair to get the entire truth out of her. But she will try to convince him that she has told him everything. The promo of "Persecute Envoys" also teases that the real story behind Daylight will be revealed in the episode.

The official synopsis of "Persecute Envoys" reads:

"When Patterson deciphers a tattoo that seems to have predicted a police officer's murder, the team races to prevent additional attacks; Mayfair opens up to Weller."

"Blindspot" episode 8 titled "Persecute Envoys" will be aired on NBC on 9 November at 10 pm.