"Blindspot" is leaving no stone unturned to keep its viewers completely thrilled and intrigued. And as the season is progressing, the mystery behind Jane's tattoos and her identity is getting just as complicated as her relationship with FBI Agent Kurt Weller. This week, Doe-Weller relationship will be hit by another hurdle in episode 7, titled "Sent on Tour".

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In last week's episode 6, we saw how Jane has an erotic dream about someone who she thinks is Kurt, so she tries to keep her distance from him. But as the episode progresses, she realises that the man in her dreams is not Weller and is an unidentified person who is observing her house at night.

Meanwhile, "Cede Your Soul" also had FBI shutting down a hacker app, which can locate government vehicles and Tasha ultimately decided to pay her gambling debts by giving the money she got from Carter to her bookie. She tells him that she's out and doesn't want to bet anymore. At the end of the episode, Sarah told Bill that Taylor is alive.

This week, we will see Jane and Weller still trying to figure out Jane's real identity and the secrets behind her tattoos as their already complicated and confused relationship takes a big toll in episode 7.

The promo for "Sent on Tour" teases that one of Jane's tattoo sends the FBI to a remote location where they find themselves facing a dangerous criminal. And while working on this case Jane and Weller's relationship will go through a rollercoaster. The preview also hints that Mayfair's connection to Operation Daylight may finally be revealed in episode 7.

The official synopsis of "Sent on Tour" reads:

"The team goes to a remote location where they encounter a dangerous criminal in a case that tests Jane and Weller's relationship; Patterson breaks the rules in an effort to solve a tattoo puzzle."

"Blindspot" episode 7 titled "Sent on Tour" will be aired on NBC on 2 November at 10pm.