Blindspot season 1 is going great with its storyline. After five episodes through the season, fans are already hooked to know what's next in the mysterious tattoo girl's life. Well, episode 6, titled, "Cede Your Soul" promises to be an explosive one with the makers already playing up Jane Doe-Kurt Weller romance.

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In last week's episode we saw how Jane had a memory flash which freaked her out when she visited Kurt at his house for a family dinner. Jane leaves the house and Kurt follows her. The episode titled "Split The Law" also showed FBI going head-to-head with the CIA and Thomas Carter to get Dodi, a bomb maker. Meanwhile, Jane had a flashback of a man leading her down a set of stairs where there were beds filled with kids.

In episode 5, Patterson also found another tattoo of on Jane's body which was a zip code and a building number. The men were brutal with the hostages. The team arrived at MWA and Kurt handled the negotiations.

At the end of the episode, Kurt and Jane were seen sharing a tender moment. Now will Kurt and Jane be able to keep their relationship professional in "Cede Your Soul"? The promo of episode 6 teases that the FBI will be dealing with a very deadly application called Trackster. There is a group of people killing government employees and tracking their vehicles.

The preview also suggests that they will have to take help from the app's creator to take it down. Meanwhile, the Doe-Weller romantic angle has started shaping up as they are seen trying hard to keep their relationship professional.

The official synopsis of "Cede Your Soul" reads:

"When the team discovers an app that allows criminals to track government vehicles, it must work with the app's creator to take it down; Jane and Weller try to keep their relationship professional."

"Blindspot" episode 6 titled "Cede Your Soul" will be aired on NBC on 26 October at 10pm.