"Blindspot" is just getting more interesting with each episode as Jane Doe comes closer to discovering her true identity. Almost half way through the season, in this week's episode 5, titled "Split the Law" we will see CIA plotting to get Jane Doe killed even as she discovers who she is.

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Last week, in episode 4 we saw that a DNA test had confirmed Jane's identity as Taylor, but at the end of the episode, Patterson told Kurt that Jane was not Taylor after all since another test revealed a no match.

"Bone May Rot" also showed how one of Jane's tattoos led the team to the Center for Disease Control where they discover that there were vials for every deadly disease. The team managed to stop the threat and finally, Project Daylight was revealed.

In the previous episode we also saw that Thomas was trying to tell Bethany Mayfair that Jane should be eliminated because the tattoos on her body could contain dangerous information. And when Bethany disagrees Thomas decides to take matters in his own hands. And in this week's episode it looks like Weller and Jane will stumble upon a CIA conspiracy that Mayfair has plotted.

The promo teases that CIA is trying to bury the evidence and this will create tension between the FBI and the CIA. In fact, it looks like the CIA has plotted to get Jane killed.

In episode 5, titled "Split the Law" we will also see how things will become awkward when Weller invites Jane home for dinner to meet his family. Jane will say something that doesn't go well with Weller.

Meanwhile, the team will be seen chasing a suspect through the cemetery as they close in, and Jane can be seen protecting an urn.

Official synopsis of "Split the Law" reads:

"The CIA and FBI race against each other to nab the same criminal after a hostage situation turns out to have darker implications; Carter's distrust of Jane causes friction with Mayfair."

"Blindspot" episode 5 titled "Split the Law" will be aired on NBC on 19 October at 10pm.