"Blindspot" continues to impress the audience with its gripping storyline and thrilling action. Three episodes down, and the mystery behind Jane Doe's tattoos deepen in episode 4, titled "Bone May Rot".

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In last week's episode 3, we saw how through a DNA test FBI agent Kurt Weller discovers that Jane Doe is actually his childhood friend Taylor Shaw, who was abducted 25 years ago. While Shaw has no memory of this, Weller explains that she searched for her everywhere as he blamed himself for the abduction and thought she was dead. Though this revelation in "Eight Slim Grins" didn't quite explain the mystery behind the tattoos on her body, it did bring Weller and Doe aka Shaw closer.

And their bond continues to deepen in this week's episode 4. "Bone May Rot" will see Shaw officially joining Weller's FBI team and Bethany Mayfair having agreed to give her a gun. The preview teases that the team will tackle a deadly disease that could have catastrophic effects all around the world.

"Bone May Rot" will focus on a new case at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) where Patterson and her tattoo expert boyfriend David discover a hidden meaning of one of Shaw's tattoos that hint at global catastrophe possibility.

The trailer shows how the FBI team discovers a series of number in a tattoo that match up to an infectious disease and later they find vials of Ebola missing from a laboratory. And, this race to stop an outbreak triggers a memory in Shaw that explains how it all started.

Meanwhile, the episode will also reveal the mystery behind the "Daylight" plot which also links to Doe aka Shaw's erased past.

Official synopsis of "Bone May Rot" reads:

"Patterson and her puzzle-loving boyfriend decode a tattoo, and it leads the team to the Centers for Disease Control, where they unearth a destructive plot with possible global repercussions. Meanwhile, the bond between Jane and Weller deepens."

"Blindspot" episode 4 titled "Bone May Rot" will be aired on NBC on 12 October at 10 pm.