"The Blacklist" season 3 is all set to go on a hiatus after episode 8 this week, and it is expected to return in January 2016. After weeks of running away from the FBI, it looks like the chase-and-run game will come to an end for Red and Liz in the fall finale of "The Blacklist" season 3. Episode 8 of the season is expected to be action-packed and big.

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Last week, in episode 7, we saw that the task force was looking for a Blacklister named Zal Bin Hasaan, an Iranian terrorist responsible for the murder of numerous Mossad agents, including those Samar worked with. In the process, Samar is reunited with her brother, who was believed to have died in a bombing years ago. As the episode progressed, she discovers that Zal is her brother.

Meanwhile, Tom delivers Karakurt to Cooper and they force Karakurt to confess to framing Liz. Ressler becomes upset that Cooper went behind his back to work with Tom. And at the end of a highly emotional episode, Ressler and Samar end up hooking up.

In this week's episode 8, it looks like Red and Liz's run will finally come to an end and Liz will actually get her name cleared off all charges. The promo of "Kings of the Highway" shows Red assuring Liz that it will all be over soon, but then, they get separated and land up in dangerous situations.

Meanwhile, Ressler is upset that Samar helped Red and Liz in escaping. The trailer closes with Ressler chasing Liz in the woods.

Plot synopsis for "Kings of the Highway" reads: "Red and Liz will be unexpectedly separated from each other when Red falls into a dangerous situation. Samar is going to make a risky decision to help Liz while Tom and Cooper continue on their expedition to exonerate Liz."

"The Blacklist" season 3 episode 8, titled "Kings of the Highway", will be aired on NBC on 19 November, at 9 pm.