"The Blacklist" Season 3 is inching closer to mid-season break with just a few more episodes left. And now, the fans are even more excited to see where this "chase-and-catch" game leads Liz and Red. Though the two fugitives have been successful in playing safe in the last six episodes, in episode 7 this week, it looks like they may finally get arrested?

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Until now, we already know that the Director has got complete access to Ressler's FBI team, which means he can now easily get Liz and Red killed. The FBI has to now cooperate with the CIA in tracking Reddington and Keen. In last week's episode 6, we saw how Red has been desperately looking for a missing person, who happened to be the trusted advisor of the Director. And his search leads him to Sir Crispin Crandall, a reclusive billionaire who has kidnapped some of the smartest people in the world in a bid to save the human race from a supposed mass extinction.

Red and Liz track Crandall to his, lab which contains money that the Director had been stealing from the Cabal. And at the end of the episode, titled "Sir Crispin Crandall", Tom Keen ends up in a fight club to find and capture Karakurt. He succeeds in doing so and drags him back to DC to exonerate Liz.

This week in episode 7, Tom's quest to help Liz continues even as he will face issues to exonerate his wife. On the other hand, the FBI and Cabal get a step closer to nab Liz and Red. The promo of "Zal Bin Hasaan" teases that the viewers will learn more about Samar's past and how Tom will contact Liz to tell her about Karakurt. But, when Liz and Tom meet at the diner, their meeting will be busted by Ressler and team.

Plot synopsis for "Zal Bin Hasaan" reads: A tragedy in Samar's past is brought to the surface during the hunt for an elusive international terrorist; the Cabal and the FBI make progress in their search for Red and Liz; Tom's plan to exonerate Liz hits a snag.

"The Blacklist" season 3 episode 7, titled "Zal Bin Hasaan", will be aired on NBC on 12 November, at 9 pm.