"The Blacklist" season 3 is turning out to be more exciting as compared to its previous two seasons. While the last two episodes focused on Liz and her survival, episode 3 titled "Eli Matchett" will see Red switch to offense.

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Last week's episode 2, titled "Marvin Gerard", picked from where episode 1, "The Troll Farmer", had left. The episode centred around Liz trying to escape the FBI and Red doing his best to ensure she stays alive. In "Marvin Gerard", we saw how Liz partly managed to bluff her way out to safety in the Russian Embassy, but Red realises the group's plan to kill Liz once she's on the plane. And this is when he convinces Ressler to save his former colleague.

Ressler agrees and Liz manages to escape again and meets Red at the diner. But to their bad luck, someone tips off the FBI about their whereabouts and Red holds patrons of the diner hostage and demands that a lawyer named Marvin Gerard be brought to him.

Red, Liz and Gerard manage to escape through a hidden door in the kitchen freezer, while the episode ended with Tom approaching Ressler.

The promo for episode 3, this week teases that Red will come back with an attack plan. It looks like Ressler and Liz's ex-husband Tom Keen may team up in "Eli Matchett".

Red and Elizabeth Keen will be seen heading towards the Midwest to stop the international shadow government group called the Cabal and to clear Liz's name in the process of trying to track down the fugitives, FBI agents stumble upon a potential global food crisis. Ressler, Samar and Aram are still on trail, but they discover something that could become a global food crisis.

Plot synopsis of "Eli Matchett" reads: "Liz and Red take a detour to the Midwest; Ressler, Aram and Samar accidentally uncover what could turn into a global food crisis; Cooper seeks help from an unexpected source."

"The Blacklist" season 3 episode 3, titled "Eli Matchett", will be aired on NBC on 15 October, at 9 pm.